The Irish Colleen

Every year prior to the parade, SaPaDaPaSo members nominate an Irish Colleen.

The Irish Colleen is an extra touch of class for the parade

She is a young girl of Irish descent who is selected by a panel of judges, based on a questionnaire and submitted photo. She serves as a hostess at the Irish Hooley, rides in a convertible during the parade, and helps distribute awards at the after-parade celebration.

This honored position is a position of prestige in the Irish community.

2024 Colleen (TBA)

St Patrick

Past Colleens


It all began on August 30, 1975, when WMT Radio announcer Dick Hardiman reported that it was only 200 days to St. Patrick’s Day. 
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Every year prior to the parade, SaPaDaPaSo members nominate an Irish Colleen.
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We are a 100% volunteer organization also looking for more volunteers
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